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Carolyn F. of Monroe
Suffered from pain in her shoulders, upper and lower back, and hip, as well as headaches, chronic sinus, and bladder problems. She has reported great improvement across the board with all symptoms and has been able to stay off anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and pain medications!!!

Justin M. of Newburgh
Suffered with shoulder and knuckle pain, upper and low back pain, neck pain, and knee pain. "Chiropractic has been life changing to me and helps me do tasks I had trouble with before. I can perform better at work due to less pain."

Evelyn A. of Goshen
"I feel so much better. My digestion system has totally changed! No more acid reflux! My neck and shoulder pain are totally gone!"

Christa O. of Wappingers Falls
"In just three weeks of treatment, my baby turned from feet down to head down."

Tanya S. of Walden
She no longer suffers with mood swings or forgetfulness and she has more energy. "I'm completely cured! I have no trouble with weight loss, the
acne has subsided, and the best part is I get my period every month without having to take any meds."
Listed symptoms: P.C.O.S, irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, weight gain, fatigue and moments of forgetfulness, and Multiple Cystic Acne

Oliver T. of Newburgh
Within a few weeks, Oliver’s sleeping patterns changed drastically! His parents found that he was sleeping much more restfully and was no longer tossing and turning as much throughout the night. Improvement was also noted in his speech! After a few months under the Torque Release Technique, Oliver was no longer having seizures and his parents could eliminate one of his medications!

Nate D. of Middletown
"My movement is much better, my back feels stronger, and I feel more confident in my ability to be active throughout the day." As the healing continued in Nate’s spine, he excelled as a collegiate tennis player. He was please to make it onto the All Conference Team, and to hear his coach refer to his as a "New Player!"

Travis D. of Wappingers Falls
Travis now has full mobility. He has complete head and neck control, full range of motion, and almost all residual signs of Erb’s Palsy are indetectable. In addition, his mom has stated that Travis is caught up now and is able to reach almost all age appropriate milestones!

Annamarie A. of Wallkill Furthermore, she shared the following, "I knew the drugs would only do me harm. I would recommend chiropractic care for everyone. Not only does chiropractic help with those suffering, sick, or in pain; but others that have conditions that many would not think chiropractic could help with; i.e. asthma, ear infections, bowel issues, pregnancy, etc."
Listed symptoms: MS, dizziness, vertigo, numbness, tingling, headaches, fatigue

Peter C. of Highland Falls “At my age I am more confident that my physical structure is safer and I don’t put limits on it as much as I would if I were not an Innate Chiropractic Practice Member!”


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